Embracing the Year of the Dragon: Celebrate Chinese New Year 2024 with Regis Galerie's Artistic Masterpieces

Chinese New Year 2024 at Regis Galerie, Las Vegas: A Celebration of the Year of the Dragon

As we approach Chinese New Year 2024, also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, Regis Galerie in Las Vegas offers a unique way to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, symbolizing power, strength, and good fortune. This year, immerse yourself in the festivities with a selection of dragon-themed art pieces from Regis Galerie, each embodying the spirit and elegance of this auspicious animal.


Carved Dragon Sculpture

Hand-carved agate dragon sculpture with wooden base.

A stunning display of artisan skill, this sculpture captures the essence and dynamism of the dragon, symbolizing power and good fortune.



Agate Dragon Vase Carving

Hand-carved agate vase with dragon design This exquisite vase features a dragon meticulously carved from agate, embodying wisdom and prosperity. Its intricate details highlight the dragon's symbolic pursuit of the pearl, representing the quest for knowledge and enlightenment.


Carved Writhing Dragon

Hand-carved writhing dragon sculpture in rose quartz on a wooden base.

An embodiment of strength and flexibility, this sculpture showcases a dragon in motion, its form exquisitely captured in the medium of choice, illustrating the dragon's mythical prowess and elegance




Lladró Dragon Figurine (01008625)

Auspicious Dragon Sculpture. Red. Limited Edition

A testament to Lladró's craftsmanship, this piece beautifully melds artistic finesse with the mythical dragon's iconic symbolism, offering a delicate and refined interpretation of this powerful creature.



Battle Cry


Experience the Limited Edition 'Battle Cry' – A Timeless Sculpture by Bill Toma

A dynamic sculpture that captures the ferocity and valor of the dragon, inspiring awe and admiration. Its powerful stance and detailed execution make it a captivating centerpiece








Jade Dragon Treasure Ship


Jade Dragon Treasure Ship Vintage Collection

This piece combines the traditional symbolism of the dragon with the prosperity and adventure of the high seas, intricately carved from jade to signify wealth, abundance, and safe passage







Dragon Pearl of Wisdom


Hand-carved agate sculpture of a dragon with the Pearl of Wisdom on a wooden base.

Highlighting the dragon's pursuit of the pearl, this sculpture symbolizes the quest for wisdom and enlightenment, beautifully rendered to showcase the dragon's majestic form and the pearl's lustrous allure



Labradorite Dragon Sculpture


Labradorite Dragon Sculpture | Captivating Artwork

Crafted from labradorite, this sculpture showcases the material's mystical qualities alongside the dragon's emblematic strength and mystique, creating a piece that shimmers with ethereal beauty




Lapis Dragon Sculpture


Hand-carved lapis lazuli dragon amidst carved clouds.

With lapis lazuli's deep blue hues, this sculpture emphasizes the dragon's association with royalty and wisdom, its detailed carving reflecting the artisan's skill and the stone's natural beauty






Turquoise Dragon Carving


Majestic Enigma Genuine Turquoise Dragon Carving

This vibrant sculpture made from turquoise stands out for its color and craftsmanship, symbolizing healing and protection, with the dragon's form elegantly rendered to convey its benevolent power.


Each of these selections from Regis Galerie not only celebrates the rich symbolism associated with the dragon in Chinese culture but also offers a unique artistic interpretation that can enhance any collection or serve as a distinguished gift during the Chinese New Year festivities. These pieces reflect a blend of traditional themes with contemporary artistry, making them perfect for heralding the Year of the Dragon with style and sophistication.